Hinterland Connections
Destinations and Schedules

PSA Antwerp and its hinterland partners offer an extensive network of hinterland connections bookable via a new Inland CY concept. As such, containers routed via the PSAA terminals (quay 1742, quay 913, quay 869 and quay 420) can be directly delivered to and from a selected number of inland terminals.

With this concept PSAA meets the increasing demand for integrated pre- and on carriage services directly from our deepsea terminals. This full service offering guarantees a hassle-free transport of containers to the hinterland and provides an important contribution to more efficient, more reliable and 'greener' supply chains.

This inland CY service is available to all customers of PSA Antwerp: shipping lines, logistics service providers, forwarders and shippers. By connecting our deepsea terminals with these hinterland locations, the inland CY customers will benefit from:

For more information and practical details about the inland CY concept, including:

Expansions to the current CY network will be continuously investigated and evaluated.

In order to let us take care of your container flow to/from the hinterland, contact the PSAA commercial department for: