Wouter Vriens - Energy Specialist

"Working for the largest terminal operator in the Port of Antwerp is a day-to-day adventure. PSA is an international company, and working with colleagues from all over the world is a very enriching experience. Every day, PSA's technical services department requires versatility and flexibility, which makes my job interesting and varied. With the current development of the new MPET Terminal on the left bank, each of us supports the project with a specific expertise, but we all work together towards the same long-term goal. A very interesting project in an interesting environment!"

Kevin Van Gastel - Operational Supervisor

"In my senior year (2015) Logistics Management I received a PSA Award nomination for the best thesis and presentation. Subsequently, PSA Antwerp gave me the opportunity to start as an Operational Supervisor. A challenging and instructive job! Every vessel is a new challenge and experience. In a short period of time you are able to learn a phenomenal amount of new things and improve your maritime knowledge. If you are willing to learn and work hard, PSA offers a world of opportunities!"

Alain Michielsen - Manager Central Barge Planning

At PSA, every day brings new challenges, giving you the opportunity to continuously learn and innovate. The cooperation between various departments and the joint strive for success creates a dynamic and exciting atmosphere. Being a key role in PSA's well-oiled machine brings me great joy and satisfaction. 

Steven Coppens - Business Controller

The diversity and growth prospects within PSA intrigued me to join the company. Working together with various departments, I am not only bound to interact with colleagues in the finance departments, but I also get the chance to cooperate with operations, commercial, management, IT, etc.. PSA truly is a dynamic and exciting company to work for.

Glenn Van de Ven - Manager Accounting, Tax & Consolidation

The combination of a diversified job scope within one of the largest players in the port of Antwerp triggered me to join PSA Antwerp. I now work together with PSA employees from across the globe, making my job even more interesting. Being part of an international team of specialists brings me great satisfaction and excitement.