Data Scientist


As the leading data scientist for the region you will have a strategic role in partnering with the regional and local business unit managers to translate crucial business problems into data analytics projects.

Job description

As the leading data scientist for the region you will have a strategic role in partnering with the regional and local business unit managers to translate crucial business problems into data analytics projects.

You actively develop approaches to identify, acquire and use data sets to develop practical solutions leading to actionable insights supporting decision-making. You analyze data in all varieties and originating from all possible sources and develop models through the application of state-of-the art scientific methods and data discovery tools.

As a genuine team player you collaborate with the program manager/data architect, external specialists and the business to deliver scalable, automated and user-friendly analytical solutions.

You act as a change agent to drive the adoption of an analytical culture across the organization. You can draw on a hands-on experience from a solid track record of successfully implemented projects. You are comfortable acting as an “intrapreneur” who wins the hearts & minds of business managers with rapid prototyping, but are equally capable of scaling up to roll-out solutions to an entire region.

 You actively maintain your advanced knowledge of the trends affecting the industry.


  • Facilitates and supports data analytics ideation session with business stakeholders.
  • Is involved in planning the development of data analytical solutions from the initial design thought to the implementation, prototyping and testing.
  • Scopes out and/or breaks down problem statements and hypothesis for analysis of business problems.
  • Integrates and prepares large and varied data sets and models complex business problems based on advanced statistical modelling, data mining and machine learning methods and programming skills to facilitate data analysis.
  • Discovers business insights and identifies opportunities using statistical, algorithmic, mining and visualisation techniques.
  • Designs and evaluates experiments to test data assumptions.
  • Collaborates with internal and external technical specialists on architecting specialized databases and computing environments, developing methodologies, performing analysis, summarizing results and developing conclusions.
  • Is overall responsible for the management of data analytics models, their lifecycle and technical documentation.
  • Trains internal staff and plays a leading role in the change management process to build a more data driven organization

Reports to the Regional Head Data Management and the Program Manager.




  • Master degree in mathematics, engineering or another scientific degree or equivalent through experience.


  • At least 5 years of experience in a similar role, preferably in a combination of academic research and industry
  • Highly skilled in statistical modeling using Phyton and R
  • Strong functional knowledge in a specific functional domain, preferably in (maritime) logistics, an industrial environment or with a digital platform company


  • Business understanding: business requirement analysis, business domain knowledge, business process, decision and system understanding, effective communication with business and technical users.
  • Data understanding: data quality analysis and testing, data mapping from business requirements, collection and exploration of data.
  • Data preparation: ETL activities, data cleaning, fusion, augmentation, feature engineering.
  • Statistical modelling: supervised machine learning, linear regression, logistic regression, decision trees, K-nearest neighbors, unsupervised machine learning, association rule mining, hierarchical & partitional clustering, dbscan, self-organizing maps, principal component analysis.
  • Evaluation and cross validation: classification performance, regression performance, cross validation, ensemble methods such as bagging with random forests/boosting, artificial neural networks, uplift modelling.
  • Deployment: data warehouse architecture, API/Interface Development.
  • Visualization: graphical design and presentation skills, dashboards or storyboard development, BI reporting.


  • Strong command of English and Dutch, both spoken and written


  • Disciplined and organized, with a strong sense of ownership and ability to work under pressure
  • Self-driven, proactive, able to work independently as well as in teams
  • Interest in combination of technical and functional topics
  • Ability to multi-task and meet deadlines within a fast paced, changing environment


PSA is a leading global port group, specialized in container handling. The group handles approximately 200,000 containers on a daily basis, spread across Asia, America and Europe with flagship operations in Singapore and Antwerp.

Antwerp is also the home base for PSA’s Regional Office for the Europe Mediterranean and The Americas region covering all main business domains such as finance, commercial, operations, HR, engineering & IT. The region currently oversees business units in Belgium, Italy, Portugal, Turkey, Argentina, Canada, Colombia & Panama.

Our terminals operate 24/7; a dynamic and well-oiled machine, thanks to the teamwork of our 10 000 motivated regional employees. All with their own expertise but with a shared passion.

Data analytics

As part of a broad digital transformation journey, PSA is investing significantly in its data analytics capabilities.

In view of this, we are setting up a regional Data Excellence Competency Centre in Antwerp.

In close collaboration with the Group and local business unit subject experts, this team of 6 staff will have a pivotal role in delivering a full suite of data analytics capabilities ranging from building up the organization’s governance and its cloud platform to project work on specific use cases together with the business.


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Work experience

  • At least 5 years of experience in a similar role

Place of employment

  • located in the Port of Antwerp, Noordzee Terminal

Driving license

  • B