PSA heroes support young heroes


Charity Week 

5 July 2017 | Early June the employees of PSA Antwerp, MPET and ATS have set up several actions to collect funds for charity. No efforts were spared as they surpassed all expectations during the 'Charity Week': stirring the pots, offering refreshing ice cream and even a part of their wage. And successfully so, as this generated a total of 2,555 euro for OCMW Youth Work. The company doubled that amount. Representing 5,000 euro in new bicycles and computers for youngsters who are having a hard time finding their way in society.  
Rolling up the sleeves, contributions from the pockets
Stir-fries rolling out of the lobby of the headquarters at Willemdok in no time: 272 euro rolled in. And the warm weather made many people melt for fresh treats: an ice cream sale ended at a total of 538 euro. Sachets of nuts brought 340 euro into the bank.  Everybody went nuts, as the slogan was 'Go Nuts for Charity'.  
A bit of wage for charity 
Many employees donated money through the action ‘Contribute your bit'. They were given a one-time and non-binding option to have a small part (1, 5, 10 or 20 euro) of their wages deducted for charity. The generous gifts added up to 1,405 euro. Of course the employers, PSA Antwerp, MPET and ATS, could not stay behind and also doubled this amount.
Young heroes at OCMW Youth Work
The total sum of 5,000 euro will be used to buy new bicycles and computers for OCMW Youth Work. This organisation has a lot of heroes put together. A motivated team of heroes helps vulnerable young people to keep up with their peers, supports them in their journey to independence and become the heroes of their own lives. 
Social Responsibility
PSA, MPET and ATS have been supporting local communities for years. We do not only wish to perform an economic role in society, but also a social one. Numerous projects and organizations are dear to us. Since 2017, we chose to really make a difference through a single social goal: supporting and helping children and youngsters in precarious conditions.