PSA/MPET/ATS donates gift boxes to A'pen op Wieltjes


6 September 2017 | Riding a bicycle; it may seem obvious, but it certainly isn't for everybody. Also in Antwerp, many families can't afford bicycles, which means that many children do not have the opportunity to learn how to cycle. This is where the project 'A'pen op Wieltjes' makes a difference. They offer a solution for anyone interested in a children's bicycle. On 5 September 2017, PSA, MPET and ATS employees marched to A'pen op Wieltjes and handed out bicycle packages to all children present at the time.

'A'pen op Wieltjes'
The principle is similar to that of a library: participants pay a small amount of money each year, borrow a bicycle for a certain period, exchange the bicycle for a larger model and eventually return it. In addition to providing bicycles, A'pen op Wieltjes also offers various workshops, teaching children how to cycle, how to act safely in traffic and how to repair bicycles. A'pen op Wieltjes currently has two distribution points: in Deurne north and Antwerp north and will soon be celebrating the opening of a new branch in the district of Luchtbal. 

25 gift boxes
In order to contribute to our local community, a number of PSA, MPET and ATS employees handed out 25 bicycle gift boxes to the children who were borrowing, repairing or returning a bicycle. The boxes consisted of a safe bicycle helmet, a sturdy lock and an air pump. Another heartwarming initiative from our very own PSA heroes!

Social Responsibility
PSA, MPET and ATS have been supporting local communities for years. We do not only wish to perform an economic role in society, but also a social one. Numerous projects and organizations are dear to us. Since 2017, we chose to really make a difference through a single social goal: supporting and helping children and youngsters in precarious conditions.