Rainwater storage tanks for washing of equipment

31 October 2017 |  PSA Antwerp, MPET and ATS are collaborating on the construction of three large underground storage tanks, which will be used for the collection and the storage of rainwater for the washing of terminal equipment. With these storage tanks, we expect to conserve up to 3 million litres of potable water annually.
The storage tanks will each be located at the MPET, Europa and Noordzee Terminals and have a total capacity of 240,000 litres of rainwater.
In addition , recycled water which has been used for the washing of equipment will be sent for purification, before being discharged back into the environment as clean water.
Francis De Ruytter, General Manager of ATS: “Currently, about 3 million litres of potable water are required every year to clean and maintain all the port equipment - mainly straddle carriers. When the new storage tanks are completed, we expect to be able to perform all cleanings using only collected rainwater. With this green project, our objective is to conserve a large amount of potable water, at the same time recycle rainwater and put in to good use. This meaningful initiative is yet another positive testament of our continuing commitment towards environmental sustainability and a greener workplace.”
The three terminals will share in the investment cost of €300,000. Construction of the storage tanks is expected to be completed by the first half of 2018.