Tandem is the way to go!

15 June 2017 | After a year of intensive training on the spinning bike as well as weekly on a tandem, PSA colleagues Elke Banneel and Walter Theyssens were more than ready for their long awaited climb to the top of the Mont Ventoux on a tandem bicycle. 
For Walter, this adventure started three years ago after the loss of a friend. At that moment he decided to organize a yearly activity to collect money for charity. Via the action ‘save a plastic cap’ – action of the Belgian Center for Guided Dogs – he started talking to his colleague Elke Banneel, who suffers from tunnel vision, a progressive disease that quickly deteriorates her eyesight. As a result, daily routines are becoming increasingly difficult and because of this she is now carrying a white cane. Since she has always been quite active and a passionate mountain bike driver, the idea grew of biking together by tandem. 
In the week of June 11, 2017 it was time to finally climb that giant! With the necessary logistical support, both by PSA for the fuel card as well as snacks and beverages by their partners, they reached the top of the Mont Ventoux after a 26km climb via Sault.
On top of the mountain the duo was rewarded with a personal congratulations from Eddy Merckx for their phenomenal performance.