Colleagues continue planting at PSA | MPET | ATS forest in Putte


7 December 2023 - On Saturday, December 2, PSA, MPET, and ATS once again rolled up their sleeves for nature. On that day, we organized our annual tree planting event, where our employees and their family members, together with Natuurpunt, planted a total of 2,000 trees. This initiative is part of our commitment to create one hectare of forest each year over a four-year period in the Schopbos in Putte, near Mechelen.

Since 2019, PSA, MPET, and ATS, in collaboration with Natuurpunt, have been organizing tree planting events. In the first year, a tree planting event took place, resulting in the planting of 1,250 m² of new urban fringe forest in the Edegemse Beekvallei. Since 2021, we have been conducting our tree planting in the Schopbos, where we commit to planting one hectare of forest each year for a period of four years. Once the forest is fully planted, there will be a total of 24,000 young trees, a significant contribution to the surrounding nature.

Through the tree planting, we once again demonstrate our strong commitment to sustainability. This commitment is reflected not only in smaller actions, such as these tree plantings, but also in larger initiatives, such as reducing our waste and lowering greenhouse gas emissions. Our ambitions are substantial: aligned with the Paris Agreement, the EU Green Deal, and the goals of the PSA Group, we aim to reduce our carbon emissions by half by 2030 compared to 2019 and achieve zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. Although we have a long journey ahead, we are confident in reaching our targets.