To think and to thank ideas


At PSA, we believe that innovation is one of the main pillars for economic growth in the future. To keep moving forward, we gave our employees the proper tools to allow ideas to emerge and to keep innovation alive.

The first steps were taken in 2012, when PSA rolled out a global innovation project. Colleagues from across the globe were encouraged to submit innovative ideas through a variety of channels. Also in Antwerp,a large-scale campaign was launched showcasing posters, stickers, ideaboxes and innovation walls. Over 100 ideas have already found their way to our Innovation Managers. From individual, small proposals, to large group projects.

In 2015, we launched our first edion of the 'Denkjewel innovation newspaper', to thank all employees who posted innovative ideas. A big thank you, not only from PSA management, as many colleagues see their daily work improve thanks to these innovations.

So colleagues are thanking each other, and the ideas keep coming in!



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