20 mei 2019 | On Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 May, we welcomed over 2,500 employees with their families in Bellewaerde, a large family park in Ypres, West Flanders! 

Saturday 18 May the first families were ready to conquer Bellewaerde. Enough sun and warmth for colleagues and family to try out flashy amusement park rides and visit the zoo.  On Sunday, the weather gods were less friendly, giving us rain showers every now and then, but with raincoat and hoody there was just as much fun!

20 March 2019 | You’re standing on a 50 meter-high quay crane, in the Port of Antwerp, on the largest container terminal of Europe. Right in front of you, a gigantic containership sails by. Containers in every color are being loaded and unloaded around you. In the corner of your eye, your colleague is working on the electric wiring of the crane. ‘I can get used to this view’, is what you are thinking out loud. ‘Will you become our new colleague?’ - the VR simulation ends and you are back in the PSA/MPET/ATS job booth. 

28 December 2018 | In the beginning of December, staff from PSA Zeebrugge flew out to 'de Kleine Dennen' in Knokke. Kleine Dennen is an initiative of non-profit association De Patio, which offers accommodation, live-on-you-own training* and context guidance to youngsters in precarious conditions. The entire living area of the youngsters was completely repainted and revamped with brand new furniture.

17 December 2018 | Also this year, Kamiano could count on the support of PSA Antwerp, MPET and ATS. For an entire month, our employees went out to serve food every Wednesday afternoon at the Kamiano homeless shelter in the Kammestraat in Antwerp. In addition, our management also handed over a cheque of 12,000€, enough to provide hot meals for one entire month.

1 October 2018 | September.. The new start of the schoolyear and the perfect opportunity to visit our new CSR partner City Pirates. Thanks to many volunteer actions organized by staff we were able to collect a nice amount of money, which was doubled by PSA/MPET/ATS. Part of the money was invested in office stationery and football equipment for City Pirate students.

16 September 2018 | On Saturday 15 September 2018 we officially opened our brand new workshop at MPET where all rolling equipment will be maintained as from now. For this occasion, some 400 guests, including our own technicians accompanied by their family and a number of recruitment agencies and schools, were invited to a grand welcome reception in the new building.

5 July 2018 | Each year, PSA Antwerp and Antwerp Terminal Services (ATS) present several awards to students for the 'best school graduation projects', which are linked to the shipping and/or maritime industry. PSA Antwerp awards the best Bachelor Thesis presented in French, English or Dutch at Karel de Grote Hogeschool - major Logistics Management.  ATS awards the Best Bachelor Thesis at Thomas More Hogeschool Campus De Nayer - major Electro Mechanics, and at GTI Beveren - majors 'Ships- and Port Technologies'.

2 June 2018 | As part of a recruitment drive to find skilled technicians, PSA Antwerp recently ran a campaign themed “Fly to your Future”, whereby candidates with the right profile were offered a helicopter flight to one of our Antwerp terminals during a Job Day. For this occasion, also a Straddle Carrier was shipped from one of our terminals to 'het Eilandje' in Antwerp, for visitors to behold.

1 June 2018 | Both team Legal and HR & Corporate Communication rolled up their sleeves for the youth cell of the OCMW. The living area and city garden were tackled and transformed into a complete metamorphosis. Our heroes were busy with painting brushes, cleaning materials, a hammer and a drilling machine. After a successful day, they got rewarded with a big smile from the youngsters!