MPET welcomes record-breaking MSC Tessa

21 April 2023 | Today, we welcomed the largest container ship to date, MSC Tessa, to MPET. True to a longstanding tradition at MSC, the ship was named after a prominent company figure or family member. In this case, containership Tessa was named after the daughter of Nils Kahn, managing director of MSC Germany.  

The 400-meter-long MSC Tessa arrived at our terminal early in the morning of 21 April. It belongs to the category of mega vessels. Several ships of similar length have already been launched. However, what sets the MSC Tessa apart is its impressive container capacity, thanks to its considerable width. In fact, with a width of 61.5 meters, the ship can transport up to 112 more containers than the previous record holder in the Antwerp port.

Stay tuned, as in May, the record will be broken again by the MSC Loreto, which can transport approximately 200 more containers than the MSC Tessa.

Facts, figures & fun facts:

  • 24,116 containers
  • 400 meters long and 61.5 meters wide
  • 4 football fields long
  • 70 meters longer than the Eiffel Tower
  • 131 meters longer than the iconic Titanic
  • the largest container giant that docked in Antwerp.