PSA/MPET/ATS donates laptops to underprivileged children


29 April 2020 | The Corona crisis affects us all, both personally and professionally. However, some groups in our society are more affected than others, like families with children living in precarious situations.

Within PSA/MPET/ATS we strongly value the importance of contributing to our local community and especially for these minority groups. Thanks to the wife of one of our crane drivers, we came into contact with CAW (Center for General Welfare). They launched a call to action to its network of entrepreneurs to donate second-hand laptops. These will be refurbished, provided with basic software and finally be donated to less privileged children.

In view of the current crisis, almost all communication is digital, including following up on school tasks and social contact with peers. We often don't realise that there are still families who do not have the luxury of a computer at home, which makes the daily life during this crisis even more difficult.

In the short term, PSA/MPET/ATS was able to donate 15 laptops to support digital home education. We wish the children a lot of educational fun with their class peers!