Safety Week 2016 - 'Think Safe'

As PSA kicked off the new year with the annual PSA Global Safety Week, also PSA Antwerp rallied together to reinforce its commitment to Safety. In addition to a video messages from our Group CEO showed to all staff, a 'Think Safe' campaign was rolled out to emphasize the importance of safety at work. 
We hired a famous actor (Jan Van Looveren, who is known for a series of local comedy films in which he plays "De Joeri", a Safety Instructor) to spread safety messages throughout the Antwerp & Zeebrugge terminals.
The pre-announcement of the Safety Week was done beforehand, with custom made short films of "De Joeri" announcing the Safety Week and shown on the screens at all terminals. 
On the Safety Week event itself, the actor surprised everybody by showing up in real life, unannounced, to spread the same safety message.
Furthermore, a follow-up campaign was worked out, which was implemented directly after the Safety Week event, promoting a new safety logo for the Belgian entities to ‘THINK SAFE’. To promote the new logo, posters, flyers and video animations were placed around the terminals. Also ‘reality 3D stickers’ of skis and snowboards were pasted on several lockers in the staff dressing rooms with the message: “Thinking about your skiing holiday already? Please stay focused on your work and Think Safe”.