Save a Seal - PSA GO GREEN


22 March 2018 | Each year, under the banner of "GO GREEN", PSA ports around the world engage in a diverse range of activities aimed at raising environmental awareness and taking action to conserve, recycle and reduce.

PSA Antwerp, PSA Zeebrugge, MPET and ATS jointly organised a roving exhibition to inform and educate employees and terminal guests on global environmental issues. The exhibition was held in a 40-foot long “Think Green” container specially painted green for the occasion. It travelled to MPET, Europa and Noordzee Terminal, as well as PSA Zeebrugge, for the easy access of all staff, and was also open to MPET guests during Flemish Port Day on 17 September 2017. For every visitor to the exhibition, €5 was also pledged to SeaLife, a local organisation that supports the breeding, rescue and preservation of ocean animals.

Thanks to this succesfull exhibition we were able to raise a total of 4,650€ for SeaLife, which is enough to rescue a baby seal and save its life.

SOS Rescue Team

Young seals are often found on our Belgian coastal beaches. These young puppies are sick, injured and exhausted. Separated from their mother, these animals have little chance of survival. The SOS Rescue Team of SEA LIFE Blankenberge picks up these young seals and takes care of them in their own seal shelter. After three to four months of intensive care, the protected seals are being released again.


With the proceeds of the 'Go Green Action', PSA Antwerp, PSA Zeebrugge, MPET and ATS were able to rescue a stranded seal pup by paying for its complete recovery. 'Our' seal was baptized 'Margot'. On March 17, Margot was declared healthy and fully recovered and was released back into the Northsea, together with five other young seals. 

Good luck, Margot !!