Truck Driver Day: PSA | MPET | ATS Distributes 3,000 Gift Packages


15 December 2023 - On Thursday, December 14, our container terminals once again participated in Truck Driver Day, an initiative by Febetra, TLV, and UPTR. At PSA | MPET | ATS, it was the third consecutive time we joined this globally celebrated event.

Truck drivers contribute to the economy by ensuring goods arrive at their destinations on time. It's a demanding job with long hours on the road and considerable time away from home, and we at PSA | MPET | ATS understand this well.

That's why all truck drivers who visited our container terminals on Thursday were pleasantly surprised with a special gift package. A refreshing drink, a nutritious cereal bar, and a tasty piece of fruit were our way of showing appreciation to these indispensable contributors to our daily operations. In total, more than 3,000 packages were distributed.

We believe that small gestures like these make a difference and have a positive impact on the work environment. It's our way of letting truck drivers know that their dedication is seen and valued.