Colleagues put on football shirt at the PSA Cup and Forward Cup


30 May 2023 - On Friday 5 May, a team of colleagues competed at the Forward Cup on the grounds of SV Groenendaal in Merksem. On Friday 26 May, we organized the second edition of the PSA Cup in the Freethiel Stadium, together with SK Beveren. At the Forward Cup, our team even made it to the finals.

Until just before the start, it was feared that the Forward Cup would be canceled, due to a few heavy showers. But luckily the sky cleared just in time, allowing the 20 participating teams and their supporters to go all out. Our team even made it to the finals. After an exciting match, it finally had to give up against the Maersk Belgium team. The final score was 3-0. After the finals, the party continued in the canteen, and there was also extensive fraternization with the team and the supporters of BDP colleagues.

At the PSA Cup, the sporting success for our team was slightly less impressive. Our team did not survive the first round, the top prize was won by Tensio. After showering, all players and supporters gathered in the business area of the grandstand for a cozy dinner, followed by the award ceremony. The evening ended with a nice after-work party.

Both the PSA Cup and the Forward Cup once again proved to be the ideal mix of sport, relaxation, team building and networking. Thank you to everyone who came to play football, to support and to connect !

Watch the aftermovie of the PSA Cup: