Internal sponsorship for socially engaged employees


3 December 2019 | Our family consists of 3,900 employees. All serious experts, who make sure thousands of containers reach their final destination in time. But many of them, are also actively engaged in welfare organisations, in their private lives. And as a company, we would like to lend them our support.

That's why every year we set aside a part of our Corporate Social Responsibility budget to support social projects in which our own employees are actively involved.

Each year, PSA, MPET and ATS employees are given the opportunity to 'nominate' a social goal, project or organisation in which they are actively involved, for financial support. In order to be eligible, the organisation or project must meet the following conditions;

  • Anchored locally (Antwerp or Zeebrugge)
  • A clear social objective
  • A broad audience
  • Active involvement of the employee, or a family member

Also this year we received many nominations form socially engaged employees; 8 of which were selected and given financial support. The sponsored budget can be used for the daily operation of the organisation, or for a specific project or initiative, organised by the welfare organisation.

The 'winning' projects for 2019, in which our employees are actively involved, are:

  1. Volimus vzw: fulfils the last wishes of terminally ill patients
  2. Welzijnsschakel De Opstap: organises Saint Nicholas party and New Year's buffet for underprivileged families
  3. Together On Wheels: cycling team that consist of people with a mental handicap
  4. Berrefonds: offers 'treasure suitcases' for parents who have lost a child
  5. Elegast vzw: organizes events for underprivileged families
  6. MPI De Bevertjes: provides schooling to children with a mental handicap
  7. Rode Kruis Essen: financial support for the purchase of first aid equipment  
  8. Gembo Stars Basketbal: financial support for new basketball outfits for children with disabilities