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CALISTA P!NG+ product video & advantages


Full Transparency

Check the status of your import containers and get superior container visibility on the PSA Antwerp terminals (Noorzee Terminal & Europa Terminal)! You will not only receive an indication of the estimated time of discharge, but also real-time status updates of your import containers based on green and red lights. These lights instantly show the administrative status of the container for pick-up from our terminals: Is your container present at the terminal? Is your container commercially cleared by the shipping line? Is your container cleared by Customs?’ Is your container blocked at the terminal?'. If all lights turn green, your container is free for pick-up.

Efficient planning

CALISTA P!NG+ enables you not only to pick up your containers more quickly, but also to plan your cargo flow more efficiently. Better planning also means a reduction of lead times and waiting times

In the dashboard, you get access to the status of all registered containers, so you are immediately informed whether the container is still on the vessel, on the container yard, or has already been picked up by the notified mode of transport.


Reduced Administrative Burden

With CALISTA P!NG+'s all-in-one dashboard you'll have all the information you need at your fingertips. This means you no longer need to contact various parties to gather all information.

The P!NG+ functionality is an improved version of the existing PSA Antwerp e-Portal, where third parties (shippers, freight forwarders and transport operators) are already able to consult part of this information manually. With this new functionality you only have to upload the containernumbers once and you can see all status changes of the registered containers during their visit at our terminals.

How does CALISTA P!NG+ work?

CALISTA P!NG+ is an information exchange concept whereby you can follow-up your containers during their stay at the PSA Antwerp terminals, if you register them before vessel discharge. In addition, you also get full transparent insight into the administrative status of your container via red and green lights, so you know exactly when it is ready for pick-up from our terminals.

The upload of the required information can be carried out via an Excel upload functionality in the CALISTA platform, or via a direct API connection between your and our systems.

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" Thanks to the easy-to-use dashboard, we have a clear picture at all times of where our containers are and what the status is. Is it physically on the terminal? Then the first light turns green. In addition, the direct integration with our freight forwarding software is an important added value. "

Wim Gijbels
Manager Global Freight Forwarding

" Full visibility of our import containers means that we can plan onwards hinterland transport more efficiently, which is important for the go-to-shelf of fresh fruits for example. Our containers are faster at location at lower costs. Congestion in the port area will be relieved. It's a win-win! "

Maurits Jongens
Manager Operations

CALISTA P!NG+ shows the status of the containers at a glance. This makes it easier to coordinate follow-up transport and get the containers to the customer faster.

It is an ideal tool to speed up the flow of goods in the logistics process. "

Raf De Keersmaecker
I.C.T Manager

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