Innovation is key

At PSA, we believe that innovation is one of the most important pillars for future economic growth. Therefore, we constantly try to innovate and enhance our operations and activities. We actively involve our staff by providing various tools for sharing ideas and keeping innovation alive.

In 2012, PSA International lauched its first 'Global Innovation Award' project whereby colleagues from across the globe were encouraged to share innovative ideas to improve operations and workflows. As from 2012, the Innovation Awards are a yearly recurring success.

In Antwerp, over a 100 ideas have already been submitted, some of which have been awarded, going from small individual proposals to major group projects.

Related News

23 November 2023 - PSA Belgium and Daimler Truck BeLux deliver a Belgian first. For the first time, the electrically powered Mercedes-Benz eActros300 truck will transport containers on public roads. "Transporting containers between our terminals is a daily reality," points out Cameron Thorpe, CEO of PSA Belgium. "At PSA Belgium, we’re serious about reducing all of our carbon emissions and the greening of this transport is an important factor.

21 November 2023 - PSA Breakbulk in the Port of Antwerp-Bruges, announced today that it has become the first shipping terminal in Belgium to control visitors’ access to its facilities through biometric facial recognition. PSA Breakbulk installed this new technology, provided by the Ghent based startup NineID to significantly increase security at its facilities and thereby abide by the new stricter ISPS security regulations that recently came into force.

30 March 2023 | Antwerp Terminal Services (ATS), a joint venture between MSC PSA Europe Terminal (MPET) and PSA Antwerp (PSAA), today officially launched the world’s first H2 dual fuel straddle carrier in the Port of Antwerp during a brief ceremony. Using state-of-the-art H2 dual fuel combustion engine technology, developed by cleantech company CMB.TECH and integrated into a straddle carrier with the support of ATS, the machine runs on a mix of hydrogen and diesel. It can therefore play an important role in reducing terminal greenhouse gas emissions.

23 March 2023 | After an extensive tender process, the contract for the first batch of Emerald quay cranes was signed.

Chinese crane manufacturer ZPMC is in charge of supplying four dual hoist cranes. These cranes are suitable for handling the latest generation of ships. They are doing so in combination with Swedish integrator ABB, which is responsible for the electrical installation and semi-automation.

27 January 2023 | Europa Terminal’s capacity boost gears up! In December 2022, PSA Belgium signed two agreements with contractors for large-scale works involved in the refurbishment of Europa Terminal, located on the Scheldt River. The works are part of the significant planned upgrade of Europa Terminal to increase the terminal’s handling capacity by 40 percent and upgrade the quay wall to accommodate the next generation of vessels, which will also help PSA Belgium reach its sustainability targets.

10 November 2022 | PSA Belgium and the Port of Antwerp-Bruges have officially launched the project to upgrade Europa Terminal! The works to upgrade the quay wall and the terminal will take nine years and require an investment of EUR 835 million, including over EUR 500 million by PSA. When completed, Europa Terminal will have an increased capacity and be able to handle the largest container vessels in the world whilst simultaneously reducing its carbon footprint.

At PSA, we strive to create a thriving environment in which we recognize and celebrate the inventiveness and creativity of our people. Therefore, we constantly encourage our staff to contribute ideas and solutions.

In October 2016, we launched another initiative to foster the three necessary ingredients of "Imagination, Information and Initiative" for a strong and sustainable innovation culture to take root within our company.