Measures Coronavirus

Our number one priority today, is to protect our employees, customers and terminal users.
Therefore, we have put into place all possible hygiene measures; our locations have been equipped with hand hygiene dispensers and detergents to clean machines, workstations and materials on a constant basis.  Additional cleaning teams have been implemented, who are on site to clean all keypads, touchscreens and finger scans for truck drivers, suppliers and other terminal users. All our staff is obliged to wear mouth mask when entering or leaving our facilities, and when moving from and to their workstations. The same accounts for all external visitors that enter public areas within our offices, registration areas and/or terminals.
In addition, we have reviewed all current processes and adjusted them where possible. 
In order to prevent the spread of the virus and to ensure operational continuity, we are putting maximum effort into the separation of teams and people: 
  • all our employees are encouraged to work from home as much as possible, if operationally feasible
  • the distancing policy is being applied for all employees who are working onsite
  • all non-business critical meetings, gatherings and travels are cancelled 
  • departments are physically separated where possible, into separate teams that no longer come into contact with each other
  • non-operational terminal visits for are no longer permitted 
  • our operational staff and chief tallymen will no longer board the vessels to enter indoor vessel accommodations. All exchanges of schedules and information are carried out strictly digital
  • dockers are physically separated from the operational services departments inside, so that they no longer come into contact with each other
  • the timeslots of lunchbreaks have been reviewed and adjusted. Dockers are now separated into multiple groups, each with different break times, reducing the number of people together in one room
  • for truck drivers, the number of people admitted to the registration rooms has been limited, the amount of available self-service desks have been reduced by 50%, and queues have been visually marked, to create sufficient distance at all times
All our employees receive daily updates on the ongoing and additional measures via various channels and a dedicated web page, showcasing all measures, frequently asked questions and concerns.
In addition to the measures relating to health and safety, we have set-up the following processes with regards to business- and operational continuity
  • the PSA Group has set up a Global Covid-19 Taskforce, responsible for sharing information and addressing challenges in various areas, such as health, operations, communication, commercial,... This Global Task Force will support local teams around the world in optimizing business continuity plans and sharing best practices
  • for our terminals in Belgium, a comprehensive crisis plan has also been developed with prevention and control measures, as well as a business continuity plan to keep the company operational in case of a major outbreak.
Finally, we remain available for dialogue with all possible parties, in order to take further actions together to prevent the spread and to guarantee the health and safety of everyone.