Containers can be stuffed and stripped by specialized personnel at our Noordzee Terminal and Europa Terminal. Stuffing and stripping can either take place after delivery onto quayside or directly from the carrier into the container.
In the latter case, significant savings can be realized, particularly when loading oversized cargo. It also avoids an additional special transport of the loaded flat. Even when stuffing containers without oversized dimensions, additional transport of containers in the port can be avoided in many cases, as stuffing takes place at the export terminal itself. The same benefits apply to the stripping of import containers.
All CFS activities are performed within the ISPS area and integrated in the quay side area, with a close connection to your vessel. Special attention is paid to the seaworthy lashing and securing of the load in containers or on flats, to prevent damage during sailing and avoid costs associated with damage to the containers.
For stuffing and stripping or use of quay inquiries, please contact PSAA-commercial.cfs [at] (subject: Info%20request)