PSA Antwerp’s story began in 2002, with the merger of two-well established port operators, Hessenatie and Noord Natie, each bringing together a wealth of experience and hundreds of years of port operating history. This single entity was subsequently brought under the umbrella of Singapore-based PSA International, one of the largest port groups in the world specialized in container handling.
The PSA Group participates in port projects across Asia, Europe and the Americas with flagship operations in PSA Singapore Terminals and PSA Antwerp. As the port operator of choice in the world's gateway hubs, PSA currently processes some 250,000 containers per day, which amounted to a total for 2021 of 91.5 million TEUs (twenty foot equivalent units). The terminal in Singapore accounts for almost half of this volume. The Belgian PSA Antwerp, PSA’s largest investment outside of Singapore, processed around 11 million TEUs in 2021. PSA Antwerp is referred to as the PSA group’s second flagship.
In Antwerp, PSA operates 3 container terminals: MPET at Deurganck dock (a joint venture between PSA Antwerp and TIL), Noordzee Terminal and Europa Terminal). Over 80% of all containers coming into Antwerp, pass through one of these terminals. In addition to container handling, PSA is also active in general cargo handling on the PSA Breakbulk Terminal.
PSA can draw upon a talented pool of experience and expertise of a workforce of over 3,600 employees in Antwerp to manage our complex operations. Thanks to their hard work and motivation, PSA Antwerp is playing a significant part in making the group’s slogan, ‘The World’s Port of Call’ a reality.
Containerterminal PSA Antwerp


PSA operates 3 container terminals and 1 breakbulk terminal in the Port of Antwerp. All our terminals have tri-modal access and are equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure, facilities and equipment.



PSA is the largest container handler in the Port of Antwerp, capable of handling the world's largest vessels with a proven track record of high productivity. Additionally, containers can be stuffed and stripped by specialized personnel at all our terminals. PSA Antwerp and its hinterland partners also offer an extensive network of hinterland connections.

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PSA Antwerp is part of PSA International, one of the largest port groups in the world with headquarters in Singapore. With over two centuries of port management experience, PSA's proven track record is a hallmark of exellence. As the port operator of choice in the world's gateway hubs, PSA is renowed for best-in-class services and successful partnerships.


Latest News

23 november 2023 - PSA Belgium and Daimler Truck BeLux deliver a Belgian first. For the first time, the electrically powered Mercedes-Benz eActros300 truck will transport containers on public roads. "Transporting containers between our terminals is a daily reality," points out Cameron Thorpe, CEO of PSA Belgium. "At PSA Belgium, we’re serious about reducing all of our carbon emissions and the greening of this transport is an important factor.

21 November 2023 - PSA Breakbulk in the Port of Antwerp-Bruges, announced today that it has become the first shipping terminal in Belgium to control visitors’ access to its facilities through biometric facial recognition. PSA Breakbulk installed this new technology, provided by the Ghent based startup NineID to significantly increase security at its facilities and thereby abide by the new stricter ISPS security regulations that recently came into force.

31 October 2023 - What could a social economy enterprise and a steel and general cargo handling specialist possibly have in common? In the case of Stroom maatwerk and PSA Breakbulk, the answer is an enduring and prosperous partnership that has thrived for more than 20 years. For over two decades, the dedicated employees of Stroom maatwerk have been an integral part of PSA Breakbulk's terminal. This remarkable collaboration will be celebrated at an anniversary event on October 31st.