Innovation is key

At PSA, we believe that innovation is one of the most important pillars for future economic growth. Therefore, we constantly try to innovate and enhance our operations and activities. We actively involve our staff by providing various tools for sharing ideas and keeping innovation alive.

In 2012, PSA International lauched its first 'Global Innovation Award' project whereby colleagues from across the globe were encouraged to share innovative ideas to improve operations and workflows. As from 2012, the Innovation Awards are a yearly recurring success.

In Antwerp, over a 100 ideas have already been submitted, some of which have been awarded, going from small individual proposals to major group projects.

Related News

Too many accidents occur when handling lashing materials, because lashers still need to use their body weight to loosen and tighten turnbuckles. This increases the risk of injuries to back, wrists and elbows. 

At PSA Antwerp, we decided to set up a project team with representatives from our operations and safety departments to re-evaluate the approach to lashing. Our team of specialists came up with a brand new lashing equipment and called it PULSE (PSA's Unique Lashing System Enhancement).

At PSA, we believe that innovation is one of the main pillars for economic growth in the future. To keep moving forward, we gave our employees the proper tools to allow ideas to emerge and to keep innovation alive.

In 2014, PSA Antwerp invested significantly in making its car and machine fleet greener by purchasing 11 electric quay cars and 2 hybrid straddle carriers. Using these electric cars (Renault Zoë), PSA Antwerp can lower its environmental impact by 29.53 tonnes of CO² emission per year.