12 November 2020 | PSA Antwerp has launched a new interactive platform called 'CALISTA® P!NG+', which allows shippers and freight forwarders to receive detailed data on the status of their import containers on terminal.

Users of CALISTA® P!NG+ will not only receive information on the expected moment of discharge of their import containers but they will also be kept up-to-date in real-time on the actual unloading and the release statuses from shipping lines, customs and inspection authorities. This level of transparency provides shippers with a double win - saving of operational time when picking up their containers and significant simplification of the administrative follow-up associated with the import of containers.

The CALISTA® P!NG+ service has been tested extensively and is already operational at PSA Antwerp’s Europa and Noordzee terminals, where the exchange of information can be done via Excel uploads or through direct API integration.

Interested parties can sign on to the service today and immediately benefit from the added transparency in the operation of their logistics chains. The level of information and data made available through this platform is a significant improvement over what is currently provided via the PSA Antwerp ePortal.

Whilst CALISTA® P!NG+ is already in production with its first satisfied users onboard, PSA Antwerp is actively engaged in discussions with NxtPort to align this service with the CPU initiative to further secure the container release process in the Port of Antwerp. One difference between CALISTA® P!NG+ and CPU will be that CALISTA® P!NG+ is also available to shippers who are not directly involved in the release process but have partners taking care of the release process for them.

Jan Van Mossevelde, Managing Director, PSA Antwerp, said: “With the official launch of this digital cargo solution service, we want to meet the market demand for more transparency in the logistics chain. This is only the first step as it is our intention to gradually expand CALISTA® P!NG+ with new functionalities to help in the optimization of our customers' logistics flows.”

For Wim Gijbels, Manager Global Freight Forwarding at Essers, "CALISTA® P!NG+ offers an easy-to-use dashboard which provides a clear picture at all times of where our containers are and their corresponding status. The direct integration with our freight forwarding software is also an important added value.”

According to Maurits Jongens, Manager Operations at inforMore, CALISTA® P!NG+ creates a win-win for the users and the port: “Complete visibility of our import containers means that we can plan the onwards hinterland transport more efficiently which is important for the timely delivery of fresh fruits to retail shelves for example. Our containers are being moved faster on location at lower costs.”

Raf De Keersmaecker, ICT Manager at Elite Digital Logistics, agrees: “CALISTA® P!NG+ shows the status of the containers at a glance. This makes it easier to coordinate follow-up transport and get the containers to the consumer faster. It’s an ideal tool to speed up the flow of goods in the logistics process.”

CALISTA® is a global supply chain platform that brings together key physical, compliance and financial activities of cargo logistics on a digital eco-system. CALISTA® serves the community of cargo owners and logistics service providers, and aims to improve efficiencies, facilitate trade and enhance the experience of moving your cargo to market. PSA International is partnering Global eTrade Services (GeTS) in the development of CALISTA®. 

For more information and the registration processes, interested parties can reach out: