Teambuilding for charity


1 June 2018 | May was a very productive month…

Both team Legal and HR & Corporate Communication rolled up their sleeves for the youth cell of the OCMW. The living area and city garden were tackled and transformed into a complete metamorphosis. Our heroes were busy with painting brushes, cleaning materials, a hammer and a drilling machine. After a successful day, they got rewarded with a big smile from the youngsters! 

Exactly a week later, Legal teamed up and transformed an old sauna into a serene conversation room where youngsters could relax during a 1-1 conversation with social workers, a host family or their coach. After a long warm day of painting, decorating and putting together all kinds of furniture there was no trace left of the old sauna! Congrats to our legal heroes for creating such a peaceful space.

Many thanks to all helping hands for making a difference for the youth cell of the OCMW!

Social Responsibility

PSA, MPET and ATS have been supporting local communities for years. We do not only wish to perform an economic role in society, but also a social one. Numerous projects and organizations are dear to us. Since 2017, we chose to really make a difference through a single social goal: supporting and helping children and youngsters in precarious conditions.