PSA Antwerp, MPET and ATS support Kamiano


17 December 2018 | Also this year, Kamiano could count on the support of PSA Antwerp, MPET and ATS. For an entire month, our employees went out to serve food every Wednesday afternoon at the Kamiano homeless shelter in the Kammestraat in Antwerp. In addition, our management also handed over a cheque of 12,000€, enough to provide hot meals for one entire month.

Kamiano is part of the Sant' Egidio community, which stands up for the poor in our city. This heartwarming organisation hands out more than one thousand hot meals per week to all those in need. Additionally, the doors of Kamiano are opened each weekday for shelter and guidance. People in need are welcome for a breakfast, a shower, medical assistance or just a talk. 

Kamiano has been a CSR partner of PSA Antwerp, MPET and ATS for many years. Aside from the volunteer activities, food distributions and a yearly donation, toys are being collected by staff each year, throughout our offices and terminals; from books to colouring crayons, Playmobil toys, stuffed animals and backpacks. In December, all collected toys and goods will be wrapped and transformed into Christmas gifts by our staff. Around Christmas, the gifts will be handed over to the Kamiano kids.


Social Responsibility
PSA, MPET and ATS have been supporting local communities for years. We do not only wish to perform an economic role in society, but also a social one. Numerous projects and organizations are dear to us. Since a few years, we chose to really make a difference by supporting and helping children and youngsters in precarious conditions.