The success of greening starts from within. That's why we've set goals for ourselves that we want to achieve by 2030. Our goals are divided into three categories:
Air, Earth and Water ↴

  • Air: - 35% CO₂, - 50% particulate matter &  -50% nitrogen
  • Earth: - 50% residual waste
  • Water: - 30% consumption of drinking water

These figures are compared to base year 2016.

We dream of a planet that future generations can still enjoy. That's why we're always looking for new and innovative ways to reduce our ecological footprint. For example, we collect rainwater, use green energy only and use electric quay cranes.


Discover our green initiatives ↴

Our Green Initiatives - PSA | MPET | ATS

Collecting Rainwater

We collect rainwater at the terminals, in collection tanks totalling 345,000 litres. We use it for our sanitary facilities and cleaning our machines. This reduces our consumption of drinking water by 3 million litres per year!

No Plastic - Bags

You won't find any plastic bags in the trash bins under our desks. This amounts to a reduction of 110,000  plastic bags per year.

100% green energy

All the electrical energy we use comes from wind turbines off the Belgian coast.

Electric quay cars

For transport on the quays we use electric cars more and more. There are now 24 in total, but eventually we want to replace all the quay cars with electric ones.

Green activities

To make employees aware of the 'green' importance, we organise green campaigns throughout the year, such as the 'Terminal clean-up days' and the fortnightly 'Go Green Fortnight'.

Energy-efficient Lighting

We want to replace the lighting on the terminals systematically (where possible), with energy-efficient lighting, which also has an automated control system to save even more energy.


We encourage our employees to think in an environmentally friendly way every day, e.g. by sorting waste and minimising the use of paper.

Recovering Energy

Our latest quay cranes use energy recovering technology. When releasing and braking, energy is emitted, which is collected by the generator. In this way, the crane uses 60% less energy.

Charging stations bikes

In the course of 2019, 50 charging stations for electric bikes will be installed on MPET. Other terminals will also follow.

Electric Forklifts

All our new forklifts (up to 3.5 tons) in the warehouse are electric.

100% Recycled - toilet paper

At the terminals, we only want to use toilet paper that is completely recycled.

100% Recycled - hand paper

In the garages we use 1152km of hand paper for cleaning every year. This hand paper is systematically being replaced by completely recycled hand paper.

Sanitary water purification

We purify the waste water that comes from toilets etc. ourselves, in our underground water purification system.

Green News

25 November 2019 - The largest terminal operators in the port of Antwerp are joining forces for the environment again. On Sunday, November 24th, the kick off was given for a joint tree planting, during which 1,250m² of new urban forest was planted at ‘Edegemse Beekvallei’. The trees were planted in collaboration with ‘Natuurpunt’, but also the employees of PSA, MPET and DP World were given the opportunity to lend a helping hand, together with their families.

25 March 2018 | On 25 March 2018, a number of colleagues from PSA Antwerp and Zeebrugge participated in the Eneco Clean Beach Cup; a worldwide beach cleaning initiative. Our colleagues joined the clean-up at Icarus Surfclub in Zeebrugge. Together they collected 56 kilos of waste! 

22 March 2018 | Each year, under the banner of "GO GREEN", PSA ports around the world engage in a diverse range of activities aimed at raising environmental awareness and taking action to conserve, recycle and reduce. This year, we raised 4,650€ for SeaLife. With these funds, a baby seal named 'Margot' was rescued, nurtured and released again into the North Sea. Go Margot!

18 March 2018 | When the pouring rain, hail or snow is spoiling everyone’s day, our Environment Manager Ronny Deroef is delighted. We recently invested in a large-scale installation that collects this heavenly gift. With the free rainwater, the sky high machinery receives an environmentally friendly wash, which saves 3 million liters of drinking water.

31 October 2017 |  PSA Antwerp, MPET and ATS are collaborating on the construction of three large underground storage tanks, which will be used for the collection and the storage of rainwater for the washing of terminal equipment. With these storage tanks, we expect to conserve up to 3 million litres of potable water annually. 



Each year, PSA launches the annual Go Green Fortnight, a Group-wide green initiative aimed at promoting environmental awareness and action within our global family. During this period, all PSA companies and staff around the world are encouraged to contribute towards creating environmentally-friendly work communities.

Antwerp's largest terminal operators join hands to support GO GREEN, a campaign from Global Ports Group in which the largest players in the global port community are represented.

PSA Antwerp / MPET and DP World will jointly set up a campaign focussing on ECO-driving. Additionally, the terminal operators jointly planted a tree, which represented the symbolic start of the 'Plant a Tree'-action. With this initiative, PSA Antwerp / MPET will offer a tree to all employees to plant at home.

As PSA strongly believes in the importance of taking care of the environment, we have launched a new initiative to sensitize our staff and to 'greenify' our daily environment: all PSA Antwerp & MPET employees were offered a small buxus tree to plant at home.

That way, we hope to create our own symbolic 'PSA/MPET forest', enhancing our joint effort to create a sustainable and greener future.

After the hand-out, employees immediately started sharing pictures of the trees, which they planted at home, nearby our terminals or in a forest or park nearby.

In 2014, PSA Antwerp invested significantly in making its car and machine fleet greener by purchasing 11 electric quay cars and 2 hybrid straddle carriers. Using these electric cars (Renault Zoë), PSA Antwerp can lower its environmental impact by 29.53 tonnes of CO² emission per year.