MPET donates 6,400 euros to charities


1 February 2024 - On Monday, January 29, Johan Van Daele (CEO of MPET) handed over a check of 3,200 euros to the non-profit organization Kinderkankerfonds in Ghent. The same amount was donated to the Me To You Foundation at the end of last year. Both contributions originated from the proceeds of the sale of old iron collected at the MPET terminal in 2022.

Annually, one to two containers of old iron are collected at the MPET terminal, and the proceeds are traditionally donated to various charities. In June 2023, Hope Benefiet was also financially supported through this initiative.

Johan Van Daele emphasizes the importance of MPET's social responsibility within local communities: "We are convinced that, in addition to our economic function, we also have a social role to fulfill. Therefore, we provide financial and/or logistical support to various projects, both small and large, on an annual basis. Over the years, we have built sustainable relationships with organizations that are close to our hearts."

The Me To You Foundation focuses on leukemia research and aims to achieve optimal quality of life for patients. MPET's choice to support the Kinderkankerfonds is based on a deep appreciation for the crucial role the organization plays in supporting projects such as Studio Nona, Koester, Kanjerketting, and De Lieving.

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