For the third consecutive year, PSA participated in the “1000km van Kom op tegen Kanker” cycling event with eight enthusiastic cyclists. The intention of this event is to raise money for the cancer foundation, which distributes the received donations to several purposes: diagnosis and therapy of residual tumor cells with as aim to increase the survival chances and enhance the quality of life of cancer patients. 

Too many accidents occur when handling lashing materials, because lashers still need to use their body weight to loosen and tighten turnbuckles. This increases the risk of injuries to back, wrists and elbows. 

At PSA Antwerp, we decided to set up a project team with representatives from our operations and safety departments to re-evaluate the approach to lashing. Our team of specialists came up with a brand new lashing equipment and called it PULSE (PSA's Unique Lashing System Enhancement).

As PSA kicked off the new year with the annual PSA Global Safety Week, also PSA Antwerp rallied together to reinforce its commitment to Safety. In addition to a video messages from our Group CEO showed to all staff, a 'Think Safe' campaign was rolled out to emphasize the importance of safety at work. 
We hired a famous actor (Jan Van Looveren, who is known for a series of local comedy films in which he plays "De Joeri", a Safety Instructor) to spread safety messages throughout the Antwerp & Zeebrugge terminals.
PSA Antwerp preserves a part of the CSR budget to support social projects in which PSA staff is actively involved. Each year, all employees are given the opportunity to present a social cause or project that meets the demands for this type of sponsorship (locally focussed, clear social objectives, wide target group and active involvement of the employee). 
From all the entries received, five projects are selected and awarded 500 euros each, to support the operations and execution of the project.

Antwerp's largest terminal operators join hands to support GO GREEN, a campaign from Global Ports Group in which the largest players in the global port community are represented.

PSA Antwerp / MPET and DP World will jointly set up a campaign focussing on ECO-driving. Additionally, the terminal operators jointly planted a tree, which represented the symbolic start of the 'Plant a Tree'-action. With this initiative, PSA Antwerp / MPET will offer a tree to all employees to plant at home.

As PSA strongly believes in the importance of taking care of the environment, we have launched a new initiative to sensitize our staff and to 'greenify' our daily environment: all PSA Antwerp & MPET employees were offered a small buxus tree to plant at home.

That way, we hope to create our own symbolic 'PSA/MPET forest', enhancing our joint effort to create a sustainable and greener future.

After the hand-out, employees immediately started sharing pictures of the trees, which they planted at home, nearby our terminals or in a forest or park nearby.

Our MSC PSA European Terminal (MPET) played host to MSC's special christening of the new ‘Oscar class’ MSC Maya on 26 September 2015. The MSC Maya is the fourth and latest 19,224-TEU container ship from the leading ocean carrier, and is one of the largest vessels at sea today. For this occasion, a large part of the MPET was transformed into an event area equipped with tents, musical animations, catering and a large ‘stage’ from which invitees could see the christening from close by. 
On 20 September 2015, Antwerp, Ghent, Zeebrugge and Ostend jointly organized the fourth edition of the Flemish Port Day. PSA Antwerp and MPET opened the doors to the Deurganck Terminal, giving the general public the rare opportunity to visit all areas 'backstage' and experience container operations from close by.
The theme was 'MPET & PSA in the Mix' and included informative bus tours around the terminal, an event zone featuring a live DJ, food and beverage trucks and a children's village.

At PSA, we believe that innovation is one of the main pillars for economic growth in the future. To keep moving forward, we gave our employees the proper tools to allow ideas to emerge and to keep innovation alive.