Employees collect toiletries for ‘Moeders voor Moeders’


1 July 2017 | At PSA/MPET/ATS, we have the ambition to support our local community wherever we can, not only financially, but also with material supplies and volunteer work. In June, our staff at Willemdok joined forces to collect as many soap and other toiletry products as possible during 1 week for ‘Het zeephuisje’, part of the social organization ‘Moeders voor Moeders’.  A noble act from our PSA heroes!

After a week of collecting, our volunteers were able to personally donate a full shopping cart of toiletries to ‘Moeders voor Moeders’. The founders of this noble organization gave our volunteers a tour around the organization and explained their services - providing food, clothes and other essentials to young families in a difficult financial situation. 
‘Moeders voor Moeders’ consists of 160 volunteers spread across 15 services. They help to sort children’s clothing, distribute weekly food packages, serve small breakfasts, divide soap baskets and even take care of young children in a small nursery, while their mothers gather their weekly needs.
Social Responsibility
PSA, MPET and ATS have been supporting local communities for years. We do not only wish to perform an economic role in society, but also a social one. Numerous projects and organizations are dear to us. Since 2017, we chose to really make a difference through a single social goal: supporting and helping children and youngsters in precarious conditions.