Stroom maatwerk and PSA Breakbulk celebrate over two decades of successful collaboration


31 October 2023 - What could a social economy enterprise and a steel and general cargo handling specialist possibly have in common? In the case of Stroom maatwerk and PSA Breakbulk, the answer is an enduring and prosperous partnership that has thrived for more than 20 years. For over two decades, the dedicated employees of Stroom maatwerk have been an integral part of PSA Breakbulk's terminal. This remarkable collaboration will be celebrated at an anniversary event on October 31st.

PSA Breakbulk and the social economy enterprise, Stroom maatwerk, have been collaborating for more than two decades, marking this as the longest-standing partnership for Stroom maatwerk, a company dedicated to creating economic opportunities for individuals distanced from the traditional labor market.

Dennis Verbeeck, General Manager, acknowledged the pivotal role of Stroom maatwerk employees: "The team at Stroom maatwerk contributes immensely to the operations at PSA Breakbulk's terminal. They ensure that the dunnage used by PSABB between export shipments is appropriately certified. The dunnage is subjected to heat treatment to eradicate insects such as woodworm and is then systematically stamped and stored on the ships. This repetitive but vital task in the export process is executed with meticulous precision by the Stroom team. Their dedication, skills, and commitment are irreplaceable assets to our company."

In celebration of this fruitful and long-term partnership, PSA Breakbulk has organized a special event on October 31, 2023. Dennis Verbeeck emphasized, "We are commemorating the close relationship between PSA Breakbulk and Stroom maatwerk alongside numerous stakeholders, including representatives from Alfaport Voka, figures from the political arena, and other pivotal partners. However, above all, it serves as a heartfelt thank-you to the Stroom maatwerk team for their unwavering commitment. The strength of mutual trust is immeasurable, and we have once again affirmed it today."

"We share a similar zeal with PSA Breakbulk, with a shared commitment to quality and growth," remarked Jonny Coulon, General Manager of Stroom maatwerk bespoke. "PSA Breakbulk's dedication to transporting high-quality goods from the Port of Antwerp finds resonance with our passion for growth. It is this shared ethos that has cemented our close partnership. At Stroom maatwerk, we nurture outstanding individuals with untapped potential, enabling them to grow daily, both professionally and personally. Here, they have the opportunity to showcase their abilities, paying meticulous attention to detail, ensuring the proper certification of dunnage, and carrying out repetitive tasks in a safe environment. We take immense pride in our employees and our two-decade-long partnership with PSA Breakbulk."

Deputy Mayor Koen Kennis also expressed his thoughts at the event: "I extend warm congratulations to PSA and Stroom maatwerk for their enduring cooperation. This partnership embodies added value for all parties involved, including PSA, Stroom maatwerk, the port, the city, and most certainly, the individuals behind this collaboration. Few things hold more worth than the mutual exchange of value between people."

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